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How to Use - Instructions

BioSensio Methanol is intended for the rapid detection of potentially harmful methanol contamination in spirits. So far we confirm that the test works for vodka, whiskey, ouzo and raki. It does not work for beer.

In order to conduct the test successfully, please read the disclaimer notes below and watch the instructions video below, or follow the steps provided at the bottom of the section.

We look forward to your feedback in discovering full potential of BioSensio Methanol.


  • This is an indicative test only.

  • It is not proof of safety to drink.

  • Always have a qualified analyst confirm the absolute amount of methanol in the product before defining safe to drink decisions based on the indications of this test.

  • Know and adhere to your local laws in producing your own alcoholic beverage.

  • Our test is not suitable for testing PURPLE and PURPLE-LIKE colored alcoholic beverages.

Instructions Video:

Instructions - Step by Step Guide:


Step 1

Please take the pipette and one of the test tubes from the box.


Step 2

Pull sample liquid from the alcoholic beverage you would like to test via the pipette and dispense 0.5 ml into the tube.


Step 3

LEAVE THE CAP OPEN and shake the tube horizontally (left-right) until the dark reagent is completely dissolved.


Step 4

Leave the tube OPEN and wait for 4 minutes.


Step 5

Remove the tape from the cap of the tube and close the cap now.


Step 6

Shake the closed tube vertically (up-down) until the light-colored reagent in the cap is completely dissolved.


Step 7

Turn the closed tube upside down on its cap and wait for 3 minutes.


Step 8

RESULT: If the liquid in the tube turns PURPLE, there is METHANOL in your drink! The darkness of the purple color is directly proportional to the methanol concentration.

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